Brighton Rocks

On Saturday Adam and I went took a day trip to the seaside to celebrate Brighton Pride. The train from London takes about an hour but with lots to catch up on and Percy Pigs from M&S it took no time at all.
It was a bit drizzly when we arrived so we decided to take shelter in the arcades on Brighton Pier.
We thought we'd have a 'quick go,' on the 2p machines but in the space of ten minutes we had developed terminology, strategies and a long term goal: win a troll keyring...
 £8 later we achieved our goal and got a delightful troll keyring each - not that we're competitive! As the sun broke between the clouds we tackled the biggest ride on Brighton Pier
and spotted this brave soul heading into the sea. 
After a relaxing hour sitting on a deckchair on the pier we decided we should probably sample the some classic British fish and chips. 
After all that we stopped for cider and to buy some flowers for my hair to get us in the party spirit. 
The sun had cheered up all the party goers and we danced the night away. 
Everything people say about Brighton is true, friendly, happy and very pretty -  I loved it. Here's to more day trips in the future, thanks for special day Ads. 

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